Memorable Massage Therapy and Bodywork in Key West

Key West is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, more Caribbean than Floridian but not either one, a place in the imagination that is really like no other. And that is what makes Ocean Wellness Spa so uniquely “Key West”– a place where memories are made and then savored years later. Our massage and bodywork modalities have been designed and developed to deliver optimal therapeutic results that guests warrant as “unforgettably wonderful!” At Ocean Wellness Spa our seasoned, trained, professional staff works hard to provide the finest therapies available anywhere. How? By listening carefully to our guests and tailoring our therapies to be distinctly different, to be “memorable.”

We provide memorable experiences in a place of historic charm that quietly offers complete, uncompromising calm and relaxation. The gorgeous old building at the perfectly corner of Simonton and Olivia Streets is an iconic landmark in Old Town Key West. Today this beautifully renovated building offers a remarkable retreat delivering the finest massages and spa treatments in the Keys.

Of all the aspects to an Ocean Wellness Spa experience, perhaps the most important is our professional, trained, seasoned staff. All the superlatives certainly apply in describing our staff but we use only one—“the best!” When it comes to knowledge, intuition, wisdom, understanding, experience, training and application there simply is no other group of therapists on the island that can deliver such a rewarding, thorough, effective menu of massage modalities. All of our therapists are fully licensed professionals and passionate about what they do, committed to delivering the best massage therapy tailored specifically for each guest. They are pleased to guide you through your Ocean Wellness Spa experience and to assist you in your massage choices. And of course they welcome all of your questions.

Some of the memorable massage therapies offered at Ocean Wellness Spa include:

The Ocean Wellness Spa Signature Therapeutic Massage – This massage is customized for each guest. Beginning with a guest consultation, each therapist will develop and intuit the perfect combination of modalities to address issues expressed by the guest. Our trained therapists use a variety of massage modalities including deep tissue work, reflexology, craniosacral, neuromuscular, Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai and trigger point myotherapy to address each guest’s issues as well as any areas that the therapist might deem as requiring attention. Time stands still during this beautiful massage experience.

The Ocean Hot Stone Massage – This gentle, effective ritual accommodates the use of more than 30 carefully selected, smooth warmed volcanic stones, which are placed along body pressure points and meridians and between fingers and toes. Larger rocks are used in the actual massage strokes. The gentle heat from the stones provides a deeper, more intense healing experience. Cradled in such radiant warmth and relaxation it is easy to understand how many guests lose all sense of time during this remarkable massage.

The Ocean Massage Couple’s Massage – One of the most popular experiences at Ocean Wellness Spa is our couples’ massage allowing guests to share simultaneously in the restorative, intimate, relaxing energy offered by two accomplished professional therapists. Ocean Wellness Spa offers a spacious, well designed, perfectly appointed double room to accommodate all couples massage therapies. And of course waffled cotton robes, comfy slippers, warm towels and en-suite shower are always offered for this most intimate, shared experience. No wonder so many of our guests write back to thank us for their best memories of Key West!

Careful attention has been made to deliver a gentle, calm, relaxing “beach house” vibe– from the gleaming pine floors, to the tropical louvered doors, to the authentic bead-board hallways. State-of-the-art treatment rooms are handsomely appointed with luxurious massage beds and simple, classic Caribbean beach house décor. We make sure to include lots of thoughtful touches too such as scented warm towels, luxe waffle robes, aromatherapy diffusers and slippers in every room to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment of your massage experience from the minute you walk in the door.

Our beautiful surroundings and superb therapies are matched by the finest organic skin care products on the market, which are incorporated in our massages and bodywork. Ocean Wellness Spa is pleased to offer Naturopathica and Osea Malibu skin care products. Made with the finest quality organic and natural ingredients, both Naturopathica and Osea skin care products are incorporated in all of our body treatments and aromatherapy massages. Many of our guests leave Ocean Wellness Spa with their favorite Naturopathica or Osea products to remind them of their experience when they return home.